Up coming broadcast on Radio National Sat 22nd Sept

The Blacksith’s Song is a 30 minute audio journey into the world of steel artist, Steve Weis. It will play on Into The Music, Radio National at 4pm on Sept 22nd. This work was a pleasure to produce. Not only were both Steve and his partner, Janka, very hospitable to me each time I arrived on their doorstep, but Steve’s work for me is very profound in that it takes me on an experiential journey into an interior world that is a rare reminder of my core, elemental nature.
This piece was commissioned by Cathy Peters from Into the Music  (herself a former blacksmither), and futher supported by the Queensland Regional Arts Development Fund. While I’d been cutting the piece down over several months, it was produced in the studio in an all-time speedy 2 days. I worked with sound engineer, Mark Don – the RN sound mob have such a good ear  – and he and I also cut out a shorter audio piece that was used to make a digital work.