Audio Film

I produced this shorter work with the help of ABC sound engineer, Mark Don after I had made the 30 minute feature for ABC Radio National’s Into the Music. I wanted to produce something visual because Steve’s place, and the broader Kin Kin area for that matter, is something of a visual feast. I asked a friend of mine, Brisbane-based photographer, Yan Chen, to come out and together we spend a long and languid morning with Steve.
As a radio producer, however, I was keen not to take away from the primacy of the audio when making this work. The act of viewing images, particularly moving images, seems to have privilege over listening to sounds and audio/narration. Sound, for sound’s sake, for the story and moods and associations, seems to be almost an anachronism these days. But it’s the sounds – or should I say vibrations and resonances – that are so very much at the mercurial heart of this story.
For this reason, I’ve used mainly still images, Yan’s images, here. They’re not only beautiful images, but they invite viewers to slow down and engage more fully in the experience as it unfolds. This story is about experience and being present, and is as much about voice and close-mic sounds, and the exploding, sub-atomic world of metal, as it is about narrative and visual action. The images, I hope, tell a slightly different story.

3 responses to “Audio Film

  1. Boris

    If I didnt know any better, that looked like an angle grinder was was striking the fuel tank out of a Rolls Royce….
    What a great doco!

  2. Steve Weis ⋅

    Thanks Hamish—You did such an excellent job and great connections and friendships have come from it. We have just been connected to mobile phone coverage and I am wondering if we may now be in a position to do something with your amazing new GPS APP.

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